9,300 square foot studio sitting on a 100' x 144' lot

House - Tennessee


2 MUSIC CIRCLE EAST offers multiple opportunities: continue operating
and maintaining one of Nashville’s most notorious studios, renovate to create a
more appropriate office/mixed-use space, or tear-down and custom build.  Zoning is Core Frame (CF).

The Tracking Room is a state of the art recording studio and rehearsal hall for musicians and bands that is conveniently located on Music Row. The Tracking Room provides a private and exclusive space that includes a loading dock, kitchen, full bathroom, expert gear and professional staff.

The studio is equipped to record rehearsals with Pro Tools and mix on 80-channel Solid State Logic 9000J from a live digital console feed. It is the biggest studio in Nashville. Built in the mid-1990s by famed studio architect Tom Hidley, the 6,500 sq. ft. space was designed for impeccable sound quality. There are five ISO (isolation) booths, including a reverb chamber called the “Stone Room” that is frequently used for percussion.